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Steps On How To Know An Investment Platform That Is Scam.



Steps On How To Know An Investment Platform That Is Scam.






Investment is one thing that everyone would like to to engage on , because Investment as they say gaurantees your future , and also anyone leaving without Investment can be choked up tomorrow financially , so I advise people to invest against their future but one that that really matters is the right place or Platform to start your investment so before you think of starting any Investment kindly read this article on Important Points/Steps To Consider Before Investing In An Online Platform. this will give you an insight of things you need to know before you invest.

         Most people have been scamed of their hard earn money from fake Investment platform that have crashed such Investment platform so far from 2020 to 2021 that have crashed with investors money are listed HERE well in this post I’m going to drop some Steps On How To Know An Investment Platform That Is Scam once you noticed any of this kindly stop and don’t invest again. The various steps will be listed below………………….

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  • Fake Investment platform would not be registered. This is because the CEO have plans on running with peoples fund.
  • Ask the promoter the date it was launch after getting a date from him use another WhatsApp chat him after some days you will hear another date , dear this is a sign of anonymouness so you have to be very careful.
  • Ask for the CEO , they will never tell you they know the CEO but in some occasion they can be CEO but please demand for his picture and call him on vedio call if it’s fake they won’t allow that.
  • They duration is always short , this is to attract more people to their Platform so as to get more money once they crash.
  • The Return of Investment (ROI) is always high this is to also bring greedy people to there net too.
  • First try to ask them that you would love to start with high plan they wi always advise you to go for big plan dear be careful is a sign they have bad motive for the platform.
  • Some their site is not always secured and most of them make use of credit card for deposit hi dear do not risk your credit card details to them because they can hack in to your bank account and do wonders that would surprise you such wonders can be moving all your money in your account or using your card details for online purchase so be warned.

NOTE : Do not use your credit card to make any payment to any Investment platform to avoid issues.


Please once you noticed two or more  of the step above , just have it in mind that is a fake Investment platform and do not take the risk because it will choke you at the end. Don’t forget to invest wisely that’s the summary.


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