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Soulja Boy Net worth 2021 Forbes and Biography



Soulja Boy Net worth 2021 Forbes

Soulja Boy Net worth 2021 Forbes: Soulja Boy who was born on July 28, 1990, under the real name of DeAndre Cortez Way is an American rapper, music producer, actor and entrepreneur. He began his musical career at an early age but expanded into other ventures such as fashion design, PC and console game production, acting and a personal record label. His interest in rap music manifested at the age of six after moving to Atlanta.

Soulja Boy Net worth 2021 Forbes

According to Forbes, Soulja Boy net worth 2021 is $30 million and he was placed amongst Forbes’ Hip-Hop Cash Kings list. In 2016 alone, he earned $7 million just from touring while the music was what kickstarted his career, Soulja Boy makes a lot of money from his other ventures as well.

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Soulja Boy Career

In 2016, Soulja Boy signed a deal with World Poker Fund Holdings though the details of the deal were not made public, some speculate that the deal was worth $400 million while others claim it was around $1 million. The deal was made possible because of his influence.

Another source of Soulja Boy revenue is his guest appearances by Major brands such as Gucci to advertise their new men`s collections using celebrities. The American rapper gets constant deals to represent various brands or appear wearing their products. At the same time, he had his clothing line. SOD clothing experienced a brief moment of success during the early days but ceased selling products to the public in late 2012.

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Soulja Boy established himself as a rap artist from a young age. He had one Platinum and a Gold album, proving his skill and talent earl on and he has since had multiple collaborations with various artists, including Nicki Minaj, and made the most out of social media to expand his following.

Soulja Boy, like most other rappers, is a controversial figure. He does not shy away from scandals and makes use of social media to promote his brand. His approach netted him millions in deals with well-established fashion brands and guest appearances. Besides his music career, the artist tried his luck in several ventures but his biggest source of income is attributed to his musical albums.

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