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Names of Cristiano Ronaldo football skills



Names of Cristiano Ronaldo football skills

Names of Cristiano Ronaldo football skills

CR7 is one of the greatest and hard working footballers the world has ever seen and he’s world renowned for a lot of things but his football skills stand out among most other aspects.

Names of Cristiano Ronaldo football skills

Here you’ll know the names of Cristiano Ronaldo football skills that make him one of the greatest footballers to ever play the beautiful game and how to pull them off.

1. Stepover Chop

Throw one foot over the ball to perform a stepover then Use the other foot to chop the ball with your instep behind your standing leg.

2. Ronaldo Stepover

You’re to move your weight towards your weaker foot so that the ball is placed off center in front of you, then with the other foot, push the ball forwards with your instep slightly before throwing your foot around it clockwise. Push the ball with your weaker foot and move in that direction.

3. Ronaldo Chop

Whilst running with the ball, jump over it with one leg outstretched and use the same foot to push the ball with your instep when landing and .ake sure to keep your other foot out the way as the ball heads in that direction. Then Change direction sharply to follow the ball.

4. Elastico

You’re to Shift your body weight to one side with your shoulder dipped in this direction. Then Push the ball with the opposite foot away from your body. In one fluid motion, move that same foot around the ball so that it is outstretched and pull the ball back towards you with your instep. Use your body weight to push off in that direction.

5. CR7 Fake Move

When coming to a stop, place one foot over the ball and drag it back. As the ball rolls back, dangle that same foot over the ball and move it side to side as if you’re about to pull off a skill. Quickly pull that foot back and knock the ball back in the direction you were heading and accelerate away from your marker.

6. Reverse Elastico

Start with the ball slightly in front of you with your legs spreads. Plant your standing foot ready to take off in the opposite direction. With your dominant foot, push into the ball with your instep before moving your foot around the ball and pushing with the outside of your foot in one fluid motion.

7. Ball Roll Chop

Position yourself so the ball is slightly off-center in front and in front of you. Take one foot and roll it over the ball from out to in so that it moves across your body. With your other foot ‘chop’ the ball with your instep, sending it behind your new standing leg. Change direction and follow the ball’s new direction.

8. Sonic Turn

Step ahead of the ball with one foot and flick the ball with the instep of your other foot. Pivot on the foot that stepped ahead of the ball and swing your other foot round to push the ball away. Follow the ball in the new direction.

9. CR7 Special

Roll one foot over the ball from out to in, then take a couple of steps forward to position yourself in the path of the ball. Allow it to run behind the foot that didn’t roll over the ball and trap it with your original foot in a ‘rabona’ stance.

Position yourself with a foot either side of the ball, then knock it with the instep of the same foot onto your standing foot. Knock it back with your standing foot and perform a stepover to allow the ball past your original foot. Simple.

10. CR7 Combo

Roll your foot over the ball pushing in front of you. Step over the ball with your other foot as the ball continues to roll. Throw that same foot back over the ball and roll it from out to in with your other foot.

These Cristiano Ronaldo football skills described are difficulty but each will take time to learn and master with constant training.

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