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Julia Haart Net worth

According to her LinkedIn account, Julia Haart is currently the CEO, Co-Owner and Chief Creative Officer of Elite World Group, a talent media company with more than 5,000 actors, artists, models, and others worldwide. Some of those models include Kendall Jenner, Iman, and Irina Shayk. Julia’s husband, Italian entrepreneur Silvio Scaglia, also works at Elite World Group alongside her. Julia Haart pulls in almost $2 million a year, or $400,000 a month, according to Trend Net Worth. According to online sources and sources close to her, Julia Haart net worth $600 million.

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When she first started her career, Julia Haart built her own shoe brand from the ground up. According to her, “I had investors who helped me, but it was a string of miracles and meeting people,” she told People. “Like the person who produced my shoes, I met on an airplane. I found the factories in Italy myself, and I did the public relations and the sales.”

Once the brand took off, Julia sold it for a hefty amount and then went on to serve as the creative director for La Perla, an Italian fashion house that specializes in lingerie.

Pretty sure she made a decent salary for designing so many garments: “For example, this last season I had 250 ready-to-wear pieces, but then I had probably 3,000 or 4,000 lingerie pieces, and probably a couple hundred beachwear pieces. So you do the math,” Julia told The Cut back in 2018. (My head hurts just trying.)

Despite  her high powered job, Julia somehow found the time to write a memoir, Brazen. The memoir describes her “double life” and her “journey from a world of ‘no’ to a world of ‘yes.'” You can pre-order the hardcover book now for $27.00 before it officially launches in March 2022.

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Julia Haart Net worth

Between her job, her book, and her penthouse in New York complete with a custom, Clueless-inspired closet (per Entertainment Tonight), just how much is Julia Haart net worth is $600 million, according to a source close to Julia. And it looks like, based on all of her success so far, her bank account is set to soar higher and higher.

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