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WE SOLVED NUMBER 1️⃣, 3️⃣, 5️⃣ & 6️⃣


Answer One Question in Section A
Answer All questions in Section B
Answer All Questions in Section C

Answer only one, We’ve Solved Number 1️⃣ & 3️⃣

At The Right Hand Corner, Write The Address (Make Sure You Change Some Words, Feel Free To Add Meaningful Words)

SOKA Int’l college, “A” division, Ibadan.
29th September, 2020.

Dear Zainab,
How are you? I hope that you are trying to settle down with your studies after the long vacation. I have not been able to be myself since my arrival from The journey I had in which I was involved in an accident that almost took my life. As a good friend of mine, if I don’t narrate the incident to you I don’t think my mind would be at rest at all.
It all started on Monday 20th August 2020 as I was about to set out on the ill-fated journey, I didn’t have a presentment that I would be involved in an accident. On that day, I woke up as early as 6:00am in the morning, took my bath and dressed up for the journey to sokoto from ilorin.
I boarded the bus from sokoto garage at 6:45am and I had in mind that by 4:30pm I would be in sokoto which would give me satisfactory opportunity to get to the venue of the post UTME I was to attend the next day. Soon after I had taken my seat the ford Sienna 24 seater bus was filled up and the motor pack touts collect transport fares from every passengers.
What we observed initially was that after the collection of the transport fares the driver was not hand to start the journey. This delayed the journey for a few minutes during which we all cried out as we all seemed to be in a hurry to get to sokoto.
When the journey began, I observed that the speed of the bus too much. A more elderly woman who sat in front of the bus cautioned him but he was adamant and spoke unmanner languages to her. Soon after passing through the toll gates of kotangora along Argungu road, We covered about three hundred and fifty kilometers within few hours. By the time many passengers including the woman who had been cautioning the driver had slept off.
About three and half hours after taking off, we got to the middle toll gate, along Jega city where many passengers who had fallen asleep woke up. Then we passed through the toll gates and started the second phase of the journey. This time around, many passengers slept off as usual. I could not sleep because I was scared by the wild speed of the reckless driver.
While at speed, the bus was criss-crossing the lanes and within a twinkle of an eye the bus swerved off the road into the bush. The driver had slept off and before be woke up we had found ourselves in the bush. The bus was eventually stopped by a big tree which it ran into the bush. The bus was damaged, the windscreen smashed and the smithereens of the Windscreen splashed on those of us who were sitting at the back seat thus leaving behind wounds on our faces. In Fact, the driver and the two passengers sitting him died instantly. Seven others died while we were being taken to the hospital. The rest including me sustained severe injuries.
Finally a lady Sustained spinal cord injuries, I really appreciate God for keeping me alife. Please remember to reply me. My regards to your parents and of course damilola the baby in the house.

Yours sincerely,



Daniel and I had been married for thirteen years. I trusted him so much and had sold my heart to him. The key that destroyed the teeth of my dog was that my husband had no job. He graduated from a prominent University Of this country, with first class grade. His jobless life gave me great concern so seriously. Although, I was working with first Bank PLC, Lagos branch. The job which I secured even before our marriage.
One beautiful afternoon showcased the true and the trusted love I had for my spouse when he persuaded me to secure visa and passport of America for him. Actually, he knew I could be of great help to him and would finance him cold heartedly. I considered the fact that he was the father of my three children, Mathew, John and Esther. The youngest of the three blessing of the almighty. Also, I trusted him to the core beyond reasonable doubt.
I acquired a loan of five million naira from my workplace, the bank where I worked to sponsor my husband to London so that he could secure a greened pasture over there. He left Nigeria for London with the pledge of sending money to me and our children a month after his departure. The trust and love deepen even in Daniel’s absent. I was lonely and felt so neglected because the loan I was serving made things difficult for me and unbearable.
Feeding was the major challenge i faced because my bank was the deducting a very huge interest amount from my salary. Even to pay the school fees of my children was so difficult for me.
When my bank manager discovered that I was not as active as I was before, he held meeting with the bank board members over my case which resorted to my sack letter after 3 months of my loan service of repayment.
It was exactly 10 months since Daniel you left us for London and only call us five months ago since then, his phone number was not being reachable. I tried severally to reach but proved abortive.
I was left with my fate and cross to carry. I was sent out of my rented apartment because I could not pay my rent, my children were sent out of school for inability to pay their school fees. My friends Left me and my relatives disowned me. Well, this was because they had of the ugly and senseless sacrifices that I made.
On one beautiful morning when I over heard someone calling my name and knocking at our door at the same time. I never knew I will never experience such heart broken news, it was in my friends house, Deborah who stayed alone in a three bedroom self contain apartment. I opened the door and saw a white woman beside her was my husband, Daniel. Initially I thought the woman was a colleague to my husband. I greeted her and embarrassed my husband. To my surprise, my husband threw my hands off his shoulder and he accused me of bewitching him and attempted to manoeuver his destiny. These allegations made me felt sober and couldn’t believe what k heard after that.
My husband told me authoritatively, that he has married to the white woman and her name was Flora Joe, which after marriage with Flora Michael nee Joe. Daniel urged me to stay off his life because he had nothing to do with me again.
Hmmm! “Daniel whom I trusted and gave my heart to disappointed me.” I don’t think I would ever trust any man again in my life. I urge all ladies to be careful and look before the leap. there are millions of Daniels in our society that are ready to drain woman in the name of love and trust. “Now I Know that No Man Can Be Trusted.”


Answer all

Two sources of livelihood for Akwete women are:
(i) Farming
(ii) Weaving

It was a taboo for men to weave

(i) The Source of cotton used in Akwete weaving industry is from the farm.

(a) They help with work in the farm.
(b) They help with spinning the necessary for Weaving.

(iii) The realization that a beautiful cloth was worth a slave

(iv) They are married to the family.

Two other skills acquired by the weavers in the course of weaving are:
(i) Craftsman
(ii) Artist

(i) Noun clause
(ii) Subject of the verb phrase ‘Was Produced’

(Pick one)
Augment – Boost, Expand, Increase.

(Pick one)
Exclusively – Solely, Entirely, totally.

(Pick one)
Ostracised – shunned, snubbed, Avoided.

Enterprising – Resourceful

(Pick One)
Nowadays – currently, presently.


Answer All questions

Five habits necessary for getting the most out of books are:
(i) Wise and careful selection from variety of available books.

(ii) Planned Reading to take care of one’s needs.

(iii) balancing reading programmes and interests.

(iv) thinking about what one needs.

(v) Making deliberate and indefinite efforts to develop one’s mental capacities.



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